Myths Related To Cholesterol Known In The Society

Beside the fact that you are confidant and know almost everything about the cholesterol still there are a few factors remaining which are needed to be considered. And it is sure that you will get amazed on reading it. Here are given some most common myths related to the cholesterol. The cholesterol sometime is not a really bad word and what are the major factors like foods causing the bad cholesterol. Such things called the Cholesterol mythsare mainly considered and explained here.

American has the highest amount of cholesterol

It is a fact that Americans has the highest amount of blood cholesterol in the whole world. According to the world health statistics every American has as much as 197 mg/dl of cholesterol in their blood. This is just the border line of the risk level of cholesterol.

Eggs are evil

The fact is known to everyone that the eggs do contains an excessive amount of cholesterol in it. This is why on eating eggs the level of cholesterol found in the blood of the person is also supposed to increase severely. It usually contains 200 mg of cholesterol in an egg only. The recommended amount of cholesterol is equal to the 300 mg. Hence it can be said that an egg a day is much and enough. However usually two eggs are common to be ate by the person eating eggs. On eating two eggs per day therefore causes to increase the amount of cholesterol present in the blood of the person. Hence eggs are evil they should be taken with care which is not more than an egg a day.

Are kids free from the high cholesterol problems?

It is researched and found that due to the reasons like family heart disease history, life style, and hypertension and overweight the bad cholesterol level can impact the life of even a younger person. Sometime it can also occur in child of as much less age as two years.

Those children suffering from the high cholesterol level are usually suggested not to take more than 200 mg cholesterol per day and at the same time are also suggested not to take the saturated fats.

Is cholesterol always a bad thing?

The cholesterol is such a word which is when heard by many people then supposed to be bad. However the reality related to cholesterol is very different and complex than anyone think of. This is mainly because of the fact that it is the cholesterol which is essential for proper working of the parts of the body because it is contained by almost each of them.