Hemorrhoids: Home Remedies

Hemorrhoids patients suffer from pain and embarrassment.  Those who know somebody who is experiencing this kind of condition may not understand what they are going through. What are hemorrhoids?  These are swollen veins inside or outside the anus.  This can be painful and some can be dangerous to health.  This may also cause bleeding during bowel movement. Symptoms of hemmorrhoids are itching, red blood stain in stool or pain in the rectal area.

Healthy Eating

There are available over-the-counter ointments or creams in local pharmacies that offers relief from pain.  Most of them are effective.  You may use Petroleum Jelly or Zinc Oxide Creams. Just make sure to read the labels carefully to know that should be expected.  Ask a doctor if you want to know more about these kinds of products. And even if you are already using these kinds of drugs, you may also want to try Hemorrhoids Treatments at home.

You may try the following tips:

Exercisehttps://stgeorgegazette.com/pharmacy-mall/ can help stimulate bowel function. You may try brisk walking for about 30 minutes daily and you will see results.  Weight should be monitored as well as overweight may give more pressure to lower extremities.  Also, do not do strenuous exercise as it may worsen the condition.

Do not ignore the urge to use the bathroom.  If you feel that there’s a need for you to defecate, do it immediately.  If you will wait for a little more time, it might give more pressure to your anus and may cause a painful anus or even bleeding piles. You can also try to schedule a most convenient time everyday to try to pass your bowel movement to establish a regular bowel habit.  Also, once done, make sure that you clean the area thoroughly to spread the infection.  You can use moist towel or wipes to gently cleanse the area.

Sitz baths.  In this procedure, the hips and buttocks are immersed in warm water.  Fill a bath tub with warm water and dip the lower part of the body. This has a therapeutic effect in anal regions because it will relax the blood vessels to promote better blood circulation.  Do this for about 15 minutes and it promises a better feeling after. This is actually the most popular home hemorrhoids treatment today.

Watch your diet.  Some foods may add to your itching like spices, cola, coffee and beer.  Try to avoid them while you still have Hemorrhoids. Excessive salts can also retain fluids in the body which can cause swelling of the veins in the anus. You may use Cayene or garlic enemas to keep bowels clean. It is also best to eat high fiber foods.

Keep it Clean and Do not Scratch.  Do not give in to the urge to scratch as it will worsen the condition. Don’t think that scratching can make you feel better.  You may also sprinkle baby powder to the itching area.

Aloe Vera.  This relieves pain in the anus and soothes the burning sensation.  This should be directly applied to the anus.