About Specific BMI Calculator For Men And for Women

Men BMI calculator is the calculator of BMI especially for men. All the men specific conditions are given to this calculator hence it cannot be used by the women at all. It tells about the level of health of men that whether they are overweight, underweight or normal weight.

BMI calculator for men is specific whereas BMI calculator for women is also different. The specifications are also different at each time.

The BMI calculation totally depends upon the age of the person. The average value of the BMI is usually in between 20 and 25. However most of the men are usually satisfied with 23 to 25 BMI for them. At the same time if the value of the BMI is greater than 26 then it is considered that you are overweight and your life expectancy is also lower than the other people general people of your age.

The ideal weight as per the body of the person is a hot topic discussed widely among the people from a long time. In spite of the fact that there are hundreds of formulas which have been developed for this purpose but almost each of them are still debatable. This is mainly because of the fact that the ideal weight differs for almost every individual. Body frame, body type, age, gender, height and weight are the factors to be considered and are responsible for the ideal weight of any person.

In order to give most benefits to you the BMI is calculated by using all the formulas.

Calculate BMI for Women

Since the calculation of BMI is equally important for women as well. So the specific BMI calculator for women is also designed. The BMI calculator for women is specific to the women it means that it cannot be used by the men. This is mainly because of the fact that all the parameters in the BMI calculator for women are women specific. So if any man calculates the BMI by using this formula then it is supposed to show wrong results for him.

The general values of BMI range from 18.5 to 25 specifically for women. But usuallyevery woman is completely satisfied in case if her BMI is between 20 and 23. Other most important thing about it is that the BMI can be easily adjusted at any time by following the appropriate body rules of controlling it.

It however can also vary from country to country and time to time. This is why consultation from doctor is necessary to know the exact BMI for women.